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Co-Sponsored by
Liaoning Provincial Government, PRC Ministry of Science and Technology, PRC Ministry of Education
PRC Ministry of Labor, PRC Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs, Dalian City Government

Liaoning (Dalian) Overseas Chinese Scholars Conference
Dalian, Liaoning Province, PRC, June 29 - July 2, 2000 (chinese site)

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Conference Photos 照片集     photo-button.jpg (7907 bytes)

SCOBA at OCS会员在大连
Grand Opening开幕式
Conference Site - Dalian OSPark大连创业园
Mayor, Minister and Fountain Music.薄市长的音乐喷泉
Liaoning Governor Forum - Club Island Hotel辽宁省长座谈会
Dalian Mayor Forum大连市长座谈会
Dalian Mayor's Reception大连市长宴会
Dalian Scenes on the Trip大连风光
Meet Liaoning Secretary General in Shenyang辽宁省委闻书记接见

Media Reports 媒体报道

how do international companies attract talent? July 28
Dalian sets up a 5-million RMB fund for OCS, June 28
Conference Opening, Dalian Daily, June 29
Meeting with Liaoning Governor & MOST leader, June 29

Vice Minister Xu Guanhua visits Dalian OCS Park
Mayor Bo Xilai meet with OCS, June 30
Dalian City Reception and Show for OCS, June 30
Business discussions well under way, June 30
Conference concluded, July 1
More biotech projects, July 3
OCS Conference opeing, 7/30, Liaoning Daily
OCS Science Forum, July 1, Liaoning Daily
Dalian OCS conference concluded wth 590 agreemnts, 7/2

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Registration statistics, 321 out of 550 applicants were invited.

Conference Program 会议日程

June 29 AM, Opening ceremony, speeches by officials & OCSs
June 29 PM, Business discussions with 500 local partners
June 29 Evening, Liaoning Government Banquet
June 30 all day, business meetings and Hi-tech forum
June 30 Evening, Dalian Government Banquet
July 1 AM, signing of business agreements
July 1 PM, tour to Dalian Software Park, Hi-tech Park, Beach Road

July 2-?  visit to other cities in Liaoning with local partners.

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Mr. Wen Shi-zeng (3rd from left), Liaoning party secretary general, and
Mr. Chen Zheng-gao (2nd from left), Vice Governor, hold a round-table
meeting with 30 OCS delegates in Shenyang, July 2, 2000.

The Dalian OCS Conference banner made by SCOBA attracts many visitors
in the silicon valley exhibition area at the Beijing Hitech Week, May 10, 2000

More pictures 更多图片

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Overseas Scholar Park   Dalian city view Digital/DNA Port
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