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Photos from Zhangjiajie National Foreset Park

Photos courtesy of Dr. Dongping Zhu of SCOBA, Julia Bentley and Martin Benoit.

More Photos by Martin Benoit of Canada

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Martin Benoit (left), Julia Bentley (center) and Dongping Zhu (right) in the mystic Zhangjiajie.

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199911日晚, 在杨家界山顶宾馆大厅与当地人一道烤火
In the cold lobby of a hotel on top of a maintain in Zhangjajie, Hunan. photo courtesy of Martin Benoit.


Martin Benoit, Julia Bentley and Dongping Zhu before leaving Zhangjiajie.

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世界野生物基金会来函, 索要我们的照片
Photo Request from World Wildlife Fund - USA

Dear SCOBA Webmaster:

I am writing on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund in the United States. WWF-US and National Geographic Society are in the midst of a project which involves describing, mapping and photographically representing 867 Terrestrial Ecoregions of the World.  These ecoregions are divided based upon geography, climate, soils, and vegetation. The website will include technical descriptions, species lists, educational excerpts, and photographic depictions of each ecoregion.  The information will be published on an educational Web site early in the coming year.

We are particularly interested in using photos of Hunan Province forest areas from your  website (http://www.zaptron.com/china/photos98/hunan/hunan19.htm).   We understand the photos are courtesy of SCOBA and would like permission to use them. You will be given author credit for any photos that are used on the web site and any images will be used for educational purposes only. 

Brett McBride, cspintern@WWFUS.ORG
World Wildlife Fund

Nov 20, 2000



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