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Meeting in Milpitas, CA

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picture 1 - June 27, 1998, Milpitas: Peng Lu (center) and Dongping Zhu (left) discuss the PIP (Park in the Park) project plan, while Hai Wang (right) receives a phone call from Su Ge in Portland, OR.

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picture 2 -  Dongping Zhu (left) makes a point with the support by Peng Lu (right).

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picture 3 - A lucky and happy Bin Liu with a lovely parrot in the house of Jianou Shi.

OCBA0627_03.jpeg (87818 bytes)

Picture 4 - Jianou Shi (left) with wife (center) discusses with Jin Huang.

OCBA0627_04.jpeg (88383 bytes)

Picture 5 - Jin Huang (left) gets a point crossed with Dongping Zhu (center) and Peng Lu (right)

OCBA0627_06.jpeg (88638 bytes)

Picture 6 - Yanhui Ma (center) chatters with Jin Huang (left) and Dongping Zhu (right).

OCBA0627_07.jpeg (87123 bytes)

Picture 7 - Looking at a digital camera are Jian Lu (left), Charles Yang (center) and Bin Liu (right).

OCBA0627_10.jpeg (87542 bytes)

Picture 8 - Chuan Kuan Yuan (left) with Lei Wang (right). 

OCBA0627_11.jpeg (63184 bytes)

Picture 9 - Birds in the cage in the house of Jianou Shi.

OCBA0627_12.jpeg (85909 bytes)

picture 10 - A large parrot.

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