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Photos from Hainan

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Dongping Zhu at The End of the Land where the sea meets the sky (Shangya).

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Dongping Zhu (center), with mother (left), visits the End of the Land (Shangya).

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Sinoqueen Electronics Co., the Fuzzy Controller Design Center of Zaptron Systems, Inc., is a fuzzy controller expert using artificial intelligence in consomer appliances. Its water heater products are exported to ASEAN through Zaptron Systems.

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Dr. Dongping Zhu (center), President of Zaptron Systems, Inc. visits Sinoqueen.with Xin Cheng (right), Vice President of Hainan Airports Group Co.

hainan8 (85703 bytes)

Dongping Zhu feeds a deer in the Deer Farm in the inland of Hainan.

hainan6 (88338 bytes)

Memory in the First Cave of Hainan, in Tong Zha city.

hainan7 (101609 bytes)

A hotel in the First Cave of Hainan, a famous attraction for tourists and business conferences.

 hainan9 (58317 bytes)

A billboard by the highway, about 30 km from the beautiful Five-finger Moutain, the largest mountain of the island.


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