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When we were in Liaoning

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OCBA delagetes meet with Liaoning provincial government officials. Front rrow: Chen Yue (MOE), Zhang Rongmin (vice governor), Consulor Wang (MOE), Wen Shi-Zeng (Party Chief), Zhang Guoguang (Governor), Huang Jin (OCBA leader), Mr. Li (Director of Governor's office). Middel Row: Ge Shu (Am-As Corp of Oregon), Yan Cao (OCEAN), Feng Xiangdong (Pacific Northwest Lab), Yang Xingping (Cannon), Wang Kai (ESS), Ma Yanhui (Biopharmica), Shi Jialuo (Novellus), Huang Tiger (Dr. Speech), Yuan CHuan-Kuan (
International Technology University). Back row:  Zhu Dongping (Zaptron), Chen Jiacai (MOE), Wnag Lei (ReadRite), Liu Bin (Phillips), Mr. Li (Liaoning Education Commission).

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