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When we were in Suzhou

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picture 1 - May 25, at the front lobby of SIBI - Suzhou International Business Incubator and Special Zone for Overseas Chinese. 

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picture 2 - May 24, 1998,  at the reception by Mr. Da-Jian Feng,, Deputy Mayor of Suzhou (first from left) at the New Garden Hotel (4-star class), Suzhou. To his left are Jin Huang, Yue Chen, Chunkuang Yuan (face covered up), Bin Liu and Dongping Zhu.

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picture 3 - OCBA members with  SND (Suzhou New District) officials at the reception in the magnificent dinning hall of the New Garden Hotel.  On the right: C. K Yuang, Y. Chen, J, Huang, Da-Jian Feng (Deputy Mayor), C. Z. Wang (MOE), Y. Cao, X. P. Yang, SND staff and Y. H. Ma.  On the left: K. Wang, J. C. Chen (MOE), Tiger Huang, Yuangwen Xia (Deputy Director of SND), Hai Wang, Ai-Guo Guan (Deputy Director of R & D, SND and our tour guide), Su Ge, and SND staff.

Suzhou03.jpg (87095 bytes)

picture 4 - Another look at the reception at New Garden Hotel, Suzhou. On the left: SND staff, X. P. Yang, Y. Cao, C. Z. Wang (MOE), Da-Jian Feng (Deputy Mayor), J, Huang, Y. Chen, C. K Yuang, B. Liu and D. Zhu. On the right: Ai-Guo Guan (Deputy Director of R & D, SND), Lei Wang, Yuangwen Xia (Deputy Director of SND), Tiger Huang, J. C. Chen (MOE), K. Wang, Lei Wang, and an un-identified member.

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picture 5 - Silk shopping arches with ancient archicture outside Fu Qou Park, Suzhou.

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picture 6 - The ancient Maple Bridge, a historic stone architecture, in Maple Bridge Town (Feng Qiao Zhen), Suzhou.

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picture 7 - The outside wall of Han Shan Shi pagoda, a famous budhist tower originally built some 900 years ago and restored in 1992 by the local government.

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picture 8 - A memorial stone in Fu Qiu, Suzhou, a legendary hill enriched with emperial tombs and ancient pagodas and temples.  Fu Qiu is one of the most famous attractions of south China.

 Suzhou08.jpg (86525 bytes)

picture 9 - A corner inside the New Garden Hotel,  Suzhou.

Suzhou09.jpg (87095 bytes)

picture 10 - A historical bell-pavilion (gate) to the  temple covered with ivy  in the famous Maple Bridge Town (Feng Qiao Zhen), Suzhou.

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picture 11 - A rainy view of the Grand Canal, also called Su-Hang Canal, built some 500 years ago.  It passes through Suzhou, providing a water connection to the outside and an important means of transportation for the city.

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picture 12 - Water Town in rain -  homes on the Grand Canal, Suzhou.

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picture 13 - Year of Tiger: a craft art display in Hu Qiu, Suzhou.

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picture 14 - Another shot of the ancient stone bridge, the Maple Bridge, in Maple Bridge Town, Suzhou.

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